Craig Abernethy
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"State of the Art"
a comedy in two acts
"delightfully clever" "dazzling" "side splitting"
3 characters in a writer's mind spontaneously create a play,
then present their efforts to a powerful Voice (producer)
hoping "to get
done what we do... next level-wise..."
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"A View Unassisted"
"what she's after is more precious than gold"
"What do I have to do...?"
"wit is dry and deft" an apolitical comedy for a "corporate couple"
"The Sort of Happy Ending to The Sad Tale of Mr. Ali Ali,
Or: The Lighter Side of Outsourcing Torture"
"Black humor, political rhetoric... the life blood of this pungent romp"
"sublimely ridiculous... deliciously malicious"
Craig's Bio

Recent productions include:

"Absolutes" - 'Subversive Shorts' - Subversive Theatre, Buffalo,NY
New Works Play Festival VII - Royal Oak,MI
Co-op Theatre East's 'Questionable Content' Festival - NYC

"A View Unassisted" - 'Subversive Shorts' - Subversive Theatre, Buffalo,NY
New Works Play Festival IV - Royal Oak,MI
EndTimes Prods 'Vignettes for the Apocalypse 2' - NYC

"Do/Don't Do" - Co-Op Theatre East - NYC
Spokane Radio Theat
re - Spokane,WA
'Subversive Shorts' - Buffalo,NY
'Northpark Playwright's Festival' - San Diego,CA

"What Can We...?"
Secret Room Theatre - Philadelphia Fringe Festival - Philadelphia,PA
Alive Theatre's
"Poppin' Play Festival" - Long Beach,CA

"Probation" - 'Short Lived/LA' - Piano Fight Prods, Los Angeles
'Summerplay 2010' - Changing Scene Theatre Northwest, Bremerton,WA

"State of the Art" - The Green Room at Twiggs - SD,CA

"Lovely" - "Swell!" - "He's Not 'Him'"
New Perspectives 2009 Festival - SD,CA

"That's What I Love About Art" - 'Summerplay 2009'
The Changing Scene Theatre Northwest

"PeaceKeeper" 2009 Original Short Play Festival
Stone Soup Theatre - Seattle,WA

"State of the Art" Fritz Theatre's 'Best of the Blitz'
(named "Outstanding Playwright") - SD,CA
Intentional Theatre - Waterford,CT

"That Day" 'The Seven'-Fusion Theatre Co - Albuquerque,NM
New Perspectives 2008 Festival - SD,CA

"Mr Ali Ali" Noor Middle-Eastern Play Festival, Wings Theatre - NYC
(click here to see article in 'Curtain Rising Magazine')
Subversive Theater Collective - Buffalo,NY
'Cruz the East' Festival - Santa Cruz,CA
staged reading at the Joan Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice,
Univ of San Diego

readings of "That Day" at Theatre Limina - Minneapolis,MN
and Ohio State's New Works Lab

"A View Unassisted" and "Absolutes"
first produced by The Fritz Blitz
of New California Playwrights

"State of the Art" and "Mr Ali Ali"
first produced at Sixth at Penn Theatre

Craig is member of the Dramatists Guild of America,
studied Dramatic Art at the University of California, Berkeley,
and worked backstage for the New York Shakespeare Festival,
San Francisco Opera, and Los Angeles Civic Light Opera.
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Five new, short plays:

"That Day"
an abstract drama of losses...
"rawly honest... demonstrates that art can render reality 'too real'"

"Do / Don't Do"
at the intersection of "security" and abuse
" will... as three everyday pedestrians are confronted
with orders from an unseen voice"

that "one little thing" thing...

what price "benefits?"

"He's Not 'Him'"
sort of "caring" for dad
"That's What I Love About Art"
"who comes to a museum late on a Thursday afternoon...?"
a one-act comedy of art, love, and second chances
and the very short  "What Can We...?"  a 5 minute sketch
"…nimble and clever …a metaphor for scripting, directing, and starring in
what is the most unique production of all: one's life… a great way to begin the
evening, it comes across as "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" on Red Bull."
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